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Talking SASSI About Abuse
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Talking SASSI About Abuse: Amplifying Women's Voices

Christine Malek

Welcome to "Talking SASSI About Abuse: Amplifying Women's Voices", where we delve into the crucial conversations surrounding abuse, domestic violence, and toxic relationships. 

Our podcast is a safe haven for those seeking understanding, empowerment, and healing from the depth of these challenges.  With a focus on the Three Stages of Abuse, the signs of abuse, and the journey to recovery and healing, we're here to provide a guiding light through the darkness, offering invaluable tools, techniques, and strategies for breaking free from harmful relationships.
Join us weekly as we navigate the complexities of abuse dynamics, shedding light on the subtle signs, cycle and patterns that trap individuals in these harmful situations.  We're dedicated to fostering a community of SurThriVors who've emerged stronger from their experiences, armed with insights that can change lives.  From sharing real-life stories of triumph to exploring expert advice, our episodes offer a comprehensive toolkit for not only recognizing the red flags but also for achieving liberation and rebuilding lives.

 If you're ready to take a transformational step towards healing and empowerment, tune in weekly to Talking SASSI About Abuse: Amplifying Women's Voices for the knowledge and support you need to rewrite your story beyond abuse.

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Domestic Violence Hotline:  800.799.7233
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